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Waste Knights: Second Edition - Beyond the Horizon

Waste Knights: Second Edition - Beyond the Horizon


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Embark on a new adventure with "Waste Knights: Second Edition - Beyond the Horizon," a massive expansion for the post-apocalyptic game of adventure and survival. Now is the time to leave the continent, embark upon a ship, and sail to places only known from legends and myths.

Explore a new map that lets you visit Tasmania, the Solomon Islands, or New Zealand, all altered by the Apocalypse. Uncover the truth behind the infamous Project X while battling deadly sea monsters and experiencing strange weather phenomena. Seek fresh water, a new resource that adds realism and challenge for both sea-farers and continent dwellers.

Play as one of the new Knights, each armed with unique abilities. Expand your base game with tens of new cards, tokens, and adventures, experiencing a setting of enormous proportions solo, cooperatively, or competitively. Choose your ship, set your course, and see where the winds will take you!

Add "Waste Knights: Second Edition - Beyond the Horizon" to your collection today at Boarding School Games and navigate the vast, treacherous waters of this thrilling expansion.

Key features:
- New map including Tasmania, Solomon Islands, and New Zealand
- Fresh water resource for added realism and challenge
- New Knights with unique abilities
- Tens of new cards, tokens, and adventures
- Options to play solo, cooperatively, or competitively

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