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Ticket to Ride - France & Old West: Map Collection #6

Ticket to Ride - France & Old West: Map Collection #6


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Award-winning for a reason, Ticket to Ride and its expansions take players around the world collecting train cards and building train routes from city to city. Expansions add new game mechanics and introduce players to different countries and continents but the base remains the same, collect cards, complete routes and win with the most points. Ticket to Ride: France is a blank slate, not only do players claim routes, they must strategically build the tracks, too. The majority of the board starts grey and players can choose the color of their routes. On the back side, the old West introduces Alvin the Alien in Roswell, NM. Capture him for points.

Boarding School Games recommends: In Old West, Alvin adds an extra opportunity for points but it's easy to be distracted by alien points instead of placing trains. In France, players build the map during the game so planning routes becomes more difficult when there is an additional layer to laying down your trains and claiming routes.

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