Ticket to Ride - Asia: Map Collection #1


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Ticket to Ride - Asia: Map Collection #1

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*Not a standalone game - requires base game or Ticket to Ride: Europe. Award-winning for a reason, Ticket to Ride and its expansions take players around the world collecting train cards and building train routes from city to city. Expansions add new game mechanics and introduce players to different countries and continents but the base remains the same, collect cards, complete routes and win with the most points. Dual-sided map, Ticket to Ride: Asia offers a traditional experience (Asia Legendary) and team version of the game (Team Asia). In Team Asia, four or six players will compete in teams of two to cross all of Asia from the shores of Japan to the Middle East, combining points and working toward the same goals. In Asia Legendary, traversing mountains will cause wear and tear to your trains and will cost you more to play those routes. Forethought and planning will be necessary to gain the most points. Boarding School Games recommends: Two-sided maps are great because you get double the play time. A fan of team games, or not, you have options with this variant. This is not a standalone game and requires either the base Ticket to Ride or Ticket to Ride: Europe.

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