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Red Dragon Inn - Smorgasbox

Red Dragon Inn - Smorgasbox


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Enhance your tavern tales with "Red Dragon Inn: Smorgasbox," a delectable expansion pack that brings culinary delights and mechanical marvels to your favorite tabletop game, courtesy of Boarding School Games. Join the intrepid Roxana, Adventurous Chef, in her quest to gather ingredients and concoct potent recipes that can turn the tide of the game. Meanwhile, Otto, our Mechanical Friend, introduces an element of inventive gameplay with four new factions, adding layers of strategy and excitement.

But that's not all – the Smorgasbox reinvigorates the beloved "Gambling? I'm In!" mini-game, presenting it with a new aesthetic and five additional games to test your luck and skill. This expansion not only broadens the scope of The Red Dragon Inn but also serves as a practical storage solution for your growing collection, all in a beautifully designed 10.5" x 7.5" x 4" box.

Available at Boarding School Games, "Red Dragon Inn: Smorgasbox" is an essential addition for enthusiasts and newcomers alike, promising to spice up your gaming sessions with its unique blend of culinary and mechanical adventures.

- Experience culinary adventures with Roxana, crafting game-altering recipes.
- Explore mechanical innovations with Otto and his four new factions.
- Refresh your mini-games with a revitalized "Gambling? I'm In!" and five new additions.
- Enjoy ample storage for your Red Dragon Inn collection in a sizable box.

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