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Ragers: Champions of the Arena

Ragers: Champions of the Arena


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Ragers: Champions of the Arena is a fun, quick and aggressive card game, in which players clash in a spectacular battle to prove their rights on the bloodied sand of the Arena of the Righteous. Each player starts with a Combat Deck, which contains the eight types of Ragers and with a hand of five Ragers eager for a fight. The fight lasts for three days (rounds) of ritual combat. The player to score more Glory Points than the opponent wins the game. In the first phase of a round (Combat Phase) players simultaneously place one of their Ragers on the table – they represent both attack and special cards. This process is repeated until at least one player has 5 combat cards in front of himself. Then the game proceeds to the Resolution Phase, in which players determine the outcome of the round. A player wins the round if his or her last attack card defeats the last attack card of the opponent.

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