PRIME Sleeves - Double Sleeving Pack 100 (Black)


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PRIME Sleeves - Double Sleeving Pack 100 (Black)

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This Double Sleeving Pack contains both Inner Sleeves and Prime Sleeves to provide everything a player needs to protect up to 100 standard sized gaming cards. Card sleeving is the standard kind of protection in all card games. Inner and outer sleeves match perfectly to make double sleeving fast and easy.

Prime Sleeves and Inner Sleeves are extra clear for perfect visibility with unaltered colors or contrast of the contained cards.
The back side of the black, regular sleeves is 100% opaque and provides a great shuffle feel.

Also available as Matte Double Sleeving Pack 100.

2 x 100 sleeves per pack (100 Prime Sleeves + 100 Inner Sleeves)
Perfect for Commander*
The perfect all-in-one pack for double-sleeving your deck
Extra-high clarity for genuine visual quality
Additional protection: sleeve-within-sleeve
Durable sleeves prevent bent corners, scratches and damages from shuffling
Finely structured back side avoids slipping deck staples
Fully opaque for tournaments**
Inner Sleeve: Exact fit for standard sized gaming cards: 64 x 89 mm
Great shuffle-feel
Acid-free, no PVC
Digital rendering shown.
Depicted accessories, such as cards, dice, pieces etc. are not included.

*Commander, is an official title for a casual multiplayer format for Magic: the Gathering™ by Wizards of the Coast. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by their respective trademark holders. The representation of compatibility does not infer challenge of intellectual property rights, nor the endorsement of our products by the represented company.

**Sleeves are subject to tournament judge approval

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