Monsterpocalypse - S-Type Shinobi & Interceptor

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Privateer Press - PIP51008

Monsterpocalypse - S-Type Shinobi & Interceptor

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S-Type Shinobi are skilled operatives chosen for their skill at covert intrusion and mastery of ninjutsu or ninpo, aptitudes augmented by experimental technologies that include advanced cloaking systems built into their fighting suits.

Interceptors are ground vehicles that use a proprietary propulsion system to achieve great speeds regardless of any irregularities in the surfaces they cross. They possess the capacity to deliver assets like Shinobi or Shadow Gates where they are most needed but are also sufficiently armed to engage their foes directly.

This blister pack contains Shadow Sun Syndicate ground units to expand your Protectors force. S-Type Shinobis are stealthy ninjas who dodge enemy fire while easily traversing any obstacle. Interceptors can speed across the city to grab important objectives or transport other less mobile units into position.

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