Monsterpocalypse - Necroscourge: Nexus

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Monsterpocalypse - Necroscourge: Nexus

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To understand a Necroscourge Nexus, you must first understand the Necroscourge nanites. Creating a nexus is a slow, resource-intensive process. The nanites operate like ants building vast interstellar energy networks. The Necroscourge nanites bore wormholes in space, allowing energy to flow freely from their home world across their vaster interstellar network. It coalesces into a Nexus, allowing its controllers to harvest the dark energies of the Swarm Hive.

The Necroscourge Nexus is a new building that can be added to any Monsterpocalypse force. It acts as base for the Necroscourge, offering a discount on Necroscourge units when secured. The Nexus allows any mind to connect to the Swam Hive, filling its hosts with the Fury of a dying star. Enemy monsters Wither and die when colliding with its malefic energy.

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