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Exit: The Hunt Through Amsterdam

Exit: The Hunt Through Amsterdam

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"Exit: The Hunt Through Amsterdam" is a game where a thrilling chase for a lost masterpiece by Vincent van Gogh unfolds in the heart of the Dutch capital. A newly discovered clue hints at an unknown work by the famous artist, sparking an intense race to decipher riddles and uncover its location. As you navigate the charming streets and iconic canals of Amsterdam, you quickly realize you're not the only one on the trail of this priceless painting. Every step brings new challenges and dangers. Can you recover the masterpiece before it falls into the wrong hands?

Dive into an exhilarating adventure with "Exit: The Hunt Through Amsterdam," now available at Boarding School Games.

Key features:
- Intriguing storyline centered around a lost Van Gogh masterpiece
- Puzzles and riddles inspired by Amsterdam's rich culture and history
- Intense competitive gameplay for 1-4 players
- Ideal for fans of art, mystery, and adventure games

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