Dreadball: Xtreme - Players Manual

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Mantic Entertainment - MGE MGDBX07

Dreadball: Xtreme - Players Manual

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So you`ve played a few games of DreadBall Xtreme with Blaine and the Warden, have you? You`ve dodged a few traps, and scored a few strikes. You think you`re ready for the big time in the cutthroat world of illegal sports? We shall see! This book is your guide to the dark and dangerous corners of the DreadBall Xtreme world, and the many choices you will face as you explore it. Featuring expansion rules that allow players to incorporate their existing Dreadball miniatures in games of Dreadball Xtreme and vice-versa, the Player`s Handbook also introduces a new way to build your Dreadball teams by choosing a `sponsor` and using pre-determined credits (points costs).

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