Dreadball - Challenge Cup Game


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Dreadball - Challenge Cup Game

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Welcome to the DreadBall Challenge Cup! What started as the Galactic Tour in the forests of Azure IV has grown into something much larger, with eight new worlds clamouring to host DreadBall matches! Venture across the quarantined Hazard System vying it out for the Challenge Cup Title in the ultimate tour for the Galaxy`s Greatest Sport! From games played in utter darkness to matches dodging deadly lava flows, it isn`t just the other team that presents a challenge in this contest! Plus, four brutal, new MVPs complete the excitement! Featuring new rules and ideas for expanding DreadBall and DreadBall Xtreme Leagues and Campaigns as well as new rules for playing DreadBall in some of the more remote regions of the Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere, the Dreadball: Challenge Cup Game comes complete with a DreadBall Challenge Cup Rulebook, a game map, a Challenge Cup Card Deck, a Counter Sheet, and four MVP miniatures (Alo-khan, Blitz, Eko`o, and Hexan).

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