Dominion - Empires


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Dominion - Empires

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The world is big and your kingdom gigantic! In fact, it`s no longer a kingdom really... it`s an empire! Which makes you the emperor! This entitles you to a better chair, plus you can name a salad after yourself. But, it`s not easy being emperor. The day starts early, when you light the sacred flame; then it`s hours of committee meetings, trying to establish exactly why the sacred flame keeps going out. Sometimes your armies take over a continent and you just have no idea where to put it. And there`s the risk of assassination; you have a food taster, who tastes anything before you eat it, and a dagger tester, who gets stabbed by anything before it stabs you. You`ve taken to staying at home whenever it`s the Ides of anything. Still, overall, it`s a great job. You wouldn`t trade it for the world - especially given how much of the world you already have.

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