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Bears vs Babies

Bears vs Babies


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**Bears vs Babies** is a card game where creativity and chaos collide, brought to you by the clever minds behind Exploding Kittens. This hilariously strategic game challenges players to build monstrous bears and other fantastic creatures to fend off and devour hordes of wild babies. Each player constructs their own bizarre monster from a pool of cards featuring body parts, weapons, and quirky accessories like special hats and business attire. Imagine arming a Handsome Salmon with knives and burritos or decking out a Pomeranian of Light and Wonder in a sharp suit, all geared up to sprint at the speed of light.

As you assemble your creature, you'll strategically stitch together the most formidable being possible to prepare for the inevitable onslaught of awful babies. The game becomes a wild race to out-build your opponents, combining wits with weirdness. Players score points by eating the most babies, and the game ends when there are no more babies left to fight.

**Bears vs Babies** is perfect for players who enjoy a mix of humor, strategy, and downright absurdity in their gaming sessions. It's easy to learn but offers deep strategic potential as players must balance their creature's offensive capabilities and defense against rival monsters.

Gather your friends and family for a delightful session of **Bears vs Babies**, where the battles are fierce and the monsters are weirdly endearing. This game is a fantastic addition to any game night and is sure to spark laughter and competitive spirit among all players. Available now at Boarding School Games, ready to bring hilarity and creativity to your tabletop!

Key features include:
- Engaging card game with a mix of strategy and humor
- Create bizarre and powerful creatures to battle against armies of babies
- Unique from the creators of Exploding Kittens, ensuring a wildly fun experience
- Quick to learn with a gameplay that appeals to both casual and serious gamers
- Perfect for groups looking for an entertaining, lighthearted game night

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