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Andromeda's Edge - Escalation

Andromeda's Edge - Escalation


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"Andromeda's Edge: Escalation" expands the dazzling, uncharted region of space on the edge of the Andromeda Galaxy. This intriguing area, filled with the modular debris of an ancient precursor civilization, is patrolled by malicious extragalactic raiders and bordered by dense nebulae. Known as The Edge, it is a last resort for the brave and foolhardy who seek a new life beyond the oppressive reach of the Lords of Unity.

"Escalation" enhances the base game of "Andromeda's Edge" by introducing support for a 5th player, additional player factions, and modules, as well as a solo play mode with multiple difficulties and AI opponents. This expansion adds depth and variety to the already rich and strategic gameplay, offering more ways to explore, compete, and dominate the galaxy.

Available now at Boarding School Games, "Andromeda's Edge: Escalation" invites you to expand your horizons, engage in new challenges, and enhance your gaming experience in this dynamic and competitive universe.

Key Features:
- Supports a 5th player for expanded gameplay.
- Introduces additional player factions and modules.
- Solo play mode with multiple difficulties and AI opponents.
- Enhances the strategic depth and variety of "Andromeda's Edge."
- Available at Boarding School Games.

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