World of Tanks: Miniatures Game - British Challenger

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World of Tanks: Miniatures Game - British Challenger

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The British Challenger is the perfect tank-destroyer for an aggressive commander, combining 3 Mobility to quickly relocate and find enemy flanks with 6 Firepower to dish out huge damage, whilst having great staying power with good Survivability and Hit Points. Mounting the Avenger Turret paired with the OQF 32-PDR AT Gun Mk. II turn the Challenger into a glass canon, trading some of its Survivability for even more Firepower for when you really need to blow some tanks up. Additional Upgrades include Smooth Ride (when Shooting, treat this Tank's Movement token as one less when calculating its target's Defence dice), Improved Rotation Mechanism (+2 Initiative during Movement Phase, +1 during the Shooting Phase), and Commander Cayden Tole.

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