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World of Tanks: Miniatures Game - American Tank Platoon 1

World of Tanks: Miniatures Game - American Tank Platoon 1


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M3 Lee : Medium Tank
Used by both the American and British forces in the deserts of North Africa, the M3 Lee was eventually replaced by the M4 Sherman. With a good mix of stats, it is the perfect choice for Platoon Commanders on a budget, or those looking for a blank canvas to improve upon.

M4A1 Sherman : Medium Tank
The M4 Sherman was the next step in American tank development and fought right through to the conclusion of World War II. Much like its predecessor, the Sherman can easily be fine-tuned to perform almost any role on the battlefield.

M10 Wolverine : Tank Destroyer
Seek, Strike and Destroy was the motto of American Tank Destroyers during World War II, something they were very good at. On the battlefield the M10 Wolverine is a glass cannon, bringing plenty of punch to the battlefield but at the expense of armour and Survivability.

3 Painted Plastic Tanks
3 Tank Cards
3 Upgrade Cards

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