World of Tanks: Miniatures Game - American M18 Hellcat

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World of Tanks: Miniatures Game - American M18 Hellcat

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The American M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer can be categorized as a "glass cannon"; able to dish out loads of damage but vulnerable to counter fire. It is not without its advantages however. The Hellcat is not only fast (Movement 3) but has a base Initiative of 8 with a 5 Firepower (6 Firepower if equipped with the 90mm AT Gun M3 but Initiative drops to 7). The survivability of the M18 (rated at a 0) and its 4-hit points can be mitigated by adding upgrades (and it has some good ones). Other options include the Wright Continental R-975C4 engine (+2 initiative in the movement phase), Improved Aiming Equipment (+3 initiative during the Shooting Phase), Situational Awareness (+2 Initiative), and Commander Abel Smythe for extra survivability and initiative during the Movement Phase.

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