Western Legends - Blood Money


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Western Legends - Blood Money

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Western Legends: Blood Money not only expands on existing content and introduces new gameplay elements of its own, but it enhances the experience in ways that have been called for by many of its most enthusiastic fans!

Blood Money:

10 Character cards
40 Character Goal cards
6 Poker cards
36 Item cards (6 sets)
12 Legendary item cards
20 Injury cards
17 Deed cards
9 Trader Movement cards
27 Store Randomizer cards
40 Story cards
6 Wooden cubes
6 Wooden Bullets
1 Traveling Trader card
1 Story Track/Board overlay
12 Ruin tokens
1 Cart token
3 Map tokens
17 Deed tokens
6 Player Aids
I Risk Die
1 Traveling Trader mini

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