Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - Orruk Warclans: Morgok's Krushas

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Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - Orruk Warclans: Morgok's Krushas

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The inspired Ironjawz Brute Boss, Morgok, believes he’s been chosen to hunt down the biggest beasts in Ghur. His two cronies, Thugg and ‘Ardskull, don't much care if it’s true as long as they get a good scrap out of following him around. They always do.

The three models in this unit fight as one, doling out copious amounts of damage and taking a beating in return. As dedicated monster hunters, any Orruk Warclans army can bring them along for some added punch if you plan to face some big beasties.

This 3-model set allows you to build Morgok himself, plus Thugg and ‘Ardskull. This box is the best way to add this unit to your collection if you're not a Warhammer Underworlds player – and it's also a fantastic source for spare miniatures with which to add even more variety to your current units. The kit's supplied in 21 plastic components, including sculpted bases. These models are push fit, and require no glue to assemble. They are supplied unpainted and require

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