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War Room

War Room


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"War Room " presents a deluxe experience in global strategy, taking players back to the tense, dramatic landscape of World War II. Designed by the renowned Larry Harris, this engaging board game allows 2-6 players to assume the roles of wartime leaders, orchestrating vast and intricate strategies on a global scale.

As you step into the shoes of a national leader, you'll work closely with allies to synchronize your military strategies, crafting secret, simultaneous orders that can shift the tide of war. Every decision, from troop movements across land, sea, and air to the allocation of resources, is critical in your quest for dominance. By carefully managing your armies and maintaining control over key territories and convoys, you ensure a steady supply of resources essential for expansion and warfare.

Prepare to challenge your tactical acumen—choose your battle stances wisely to outmaneuver opponents and undermine their national morale. With the ultimate goal of capturing enemy capitals, only the most cunning and strategic minds will secure victory in this epic struggle for global power.

Bring your strategic skills to the forefront and embark on a quest for supremacy with "War Room", available at Boarding School Games. Whether you're a history buff or a strategy game enthusiast, this game promises hours of engaging gameplay and complex decision-making.

Key Features:
- For 2-6 players, perfect for group game nights
- Simultaneous secret orders and production decisions enhance the unpredictability and depth of gameplay
- Manage resources and military strategies across land, sea, and air
- Designed by renowned game creator Larry Harris
- Immersive World War II theme for an engaging historical experience

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