Vampire: The Masquerade - Rivals: Justice & Mercy


Renegade Game Studios - RGS 02511

Vampire: The Masquerade - Rivals: Justice & Mercy

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Justice & Mercy is an expansion for Vampire: The Masquerade -Rivals that adds two new clans, each on a different path: BANU HAQIM & SALUBRI. The Banu Haqim are judges and lawbringers with both martial and sorcerous tools at their disposal. The Salubri are a clan on the run, simply trying to survive –alone if necessary. Rarest of all the clans, their mending abilities are second to none. You may play these two clans head-to-head or integrate them with your other clans to create new strategies! Requires Vampire: The Masquerade -Rivals Expandable Card Game to play. Customers who purchase 6 unit(s) of RGS 02511 should receive 1 unit(s) of RGS 02527. This offer will be limited to 1 unit(s) of RGS 02527 per 6 unit(s) of RGS 02511 purchased, while supplies last.

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