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Underwater Cities

Underwater Cities


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In Underwater Cities, by Vladmir Suchy (designer of Last Will and Pulsar 2849), the players build and develop underwater metropolises by constructing kelp farms, desalination plants, laboratories, and tunnels to connect them.

The heart of the game is a clever mechanism using a combination of action slots and development cards. The players.take-turns playing cards into action slots; sometimes for the action of the slot, sometimes for the action of the cards. If played strategically, the players can receive a bonus for the card matching the slot. Balancing these strategic choices is the key to building the best underwater habitat, allowing humanity to thrive.

1-4 players
Ages 13+
90 minute play time

Game board
180 Era cards
83 Resource tokens
30 Domes
47 Tunnel tiles
16 Metropolis tiles
111 Structure tokens
4 Player info cards
4 Player boards
4 Scoring cards
4 Assistant cards
4 Multiplier tiles
12 Action tiles
Action cloning tile
Era marker
12 player markers
8 Government contracts
25 Special cards
35 Credit tokens

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