Transformers: Roleplaying Game - The Time Is Now

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Transformers: Roleplaying Game - The Time Is Now

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The Decepticons are enacting a nefarious scheme that could change the face of the galaxy in this Adventure Series for the Transformers Roleplaying Game! The Time is Now takes your Autobotson a massive four-part adventure. Your team will face perils from both the ancient past and outer space! This Adventure Series can be used immediately after playing the "Troubled Waters" and/or "Beacon of Hope" introductory adventures. This book contains everything you need to run an action-packed adventure for 4-6 characters! Face off against iconic Decepticon enemies including Soundwave and Mindwipe; New enemies to face, locations to explore, and maps for tactical combat! Start with 2nd-level characters and advance up to level 6 when you finish

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