Transformers: Roleplaying Game - Decepticon Directive

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Transformers: Roleplaying Game - Decepticon Directive

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Megatron Says, “Rise!”

The Decepticons aren’t merely a faction of disaffected Cybertronians, they are a political movement. They simply were looking for a way out from under the strict morality of the Primes and were branded criminals because of it. But now it’s time to put those smug Autobots back in their places!

This sourcebook presents everything that players need to create a Decepticon character, as well as everything a GM needs to run a Decepticon campaign. Furthermore, many of the options presented are fully compatible with Autobot characters, especially those who want to complete their missions by any means necessary.

The Decepticon Directive Sourcebook requires the Transformers Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook to use.

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