Time Guardian Adventures: Mayhem on the Moon

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Time Guardian Adventures: Mayhem on the Moon

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Time Guardians, the fate of humanity lies in your hands! The eccentric criminal Dr. Maxwell Mayhem has traveled back in time and the Apollo 11 moon landing. This completely changed the course of history and now Mayhem not only has control of the world's largest rocket manufacturer, he has also claimed ownership of the moon. But that's not all! He carved an image of his face in the moon's surface using his giant bulldozers, so that it is no longer possible to gaze at the night sky without seeing Mayhem's evil grin. On top of that, nobody knows what this megalomaniac is planning next! Time Guardians, the world is depending on you! Get into the time machine and travel back to the year 1969. Reverse Mayhem's manipulations. Get history back on track!

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