Ticket to Ride - Africa: Map Collection #3


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Ticket to Ride - Africa: Map Collection #3

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*Not a standalone game - requires base game or Ticket to Ride: Europe.* Award-winning for a reason, Ticket to Ride and its expansions take players around the world collecting train cards and building train routes from city to city. Expansions add new game mechanics and introduce players to different countries and continents but the base remains the same, collect cards, complete routes and win with the most points. Ticket to Ride: The Heart of Africa introduces specialty terrains that match the varying topography of the continent - desert and savanna, jungle and forest and mountain and cliffs. Terrain cards give players optional bonus points when they are played in conjunction with claiming routes. Boarding School Games recommends: One of the more beautiful Ticket to Ride games, The Heart of Africa makes scoring more complex with the introduction of terrain cards. Definitely a different variant than what you're used to, but in a good way. This is not a standalone game and requires either the base Ticket to Ride or Ticket to Ride: Europe.

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