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The British Way

The British Way


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The British Way: Counterinsurgency at the End of Empire is the first of several COIN multipacks, containing four separate games exploring a series of thematically related insurgencies. Between 1945 and 1960, the British fought four major “emergencies”, as they referred to their counterinsurgency campaigns, each trying to manage their retreat from empire. The four games in this pack focus on exploring British counterinsurgent responses to a variety of different opponents, including communist insurgents in Malaya, militant nationalists in Kenya, and smaller and more clandestine terrorist organizations in Palestine and Cyprus. The games adjust the core COIN mechanics to provide a compelling new way of handling two-player conflicts, while also streamlining several mechanics to quicken gameplay. The British Way offers an approachable introduction to the COIN series for new players, while presenting experienced players with four mechanically distinct games to explore and compare.

2 players
60-120 minute play time

Two Double-sided 17x22” Mounted Game Boards
4 Game Event Decks And 1 Campaign Event Deck
54 Wooden Pieces
8 Pawns
One Full-color Counter Sheet
Eleven Double-sided Player Aids
Two 6-sided Dice
4 Combined Rule/background Booklets
1 Combined Playbook/campaign Guide

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