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Star Trek: Ascendancy - Ferengi Alliance

Star Trek: Ascendancy - Ferengi Alliance


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Explore the galaxy and expand your Star Trek: Ascendancy games with the "Ferengi Alliance" expansion set, presented by Boarding School Games. This thrilling addition allows you to incorporate the cunning Ferengi Alliance into your interstellar conquests, bringing the classic mantra "Opportunity Plus Instinct Equals Profit" to life. The set is packed with new Star Systems to discover, Exploration cards to encounter, and all-new components designed to introduce an additional player to the game. Embrace the Ferengi's shrewd business acumen and strategic depth as you navigate through new challenges and opportunities in your quest for galactic dominance. Available at Boarding School Games, this expansion is a must-have for any Star Trek: Ascendancy enthusiast looking to enrich their gaming experience.

- Introduces the Ferengi Alliance to Star Trek: Ascendancy
- Includes new Star Systems and Exploration cards
- All-new components for adding another player
- Expands strategic options with the Ferengi's unique playstyle
- Enhances the depth and replayability of the game

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