Star Trek: Ascendancy - Dominion War


Gale Force Nine - GF9 ST037

Star Trek: Ascendancy - Dominion War

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Quadrant to your games of Star Trek: Ascendancy and to play the Dominion War variant. 20 New Exploration Cards. Bajoran-Idran Wormhole Systems Piece. 16 Gamma Quadrant System Discs, including The Great Link. 30 Dominion Ships with 3 Fleet Markers & Cards. 10 Dominion Control Nodes. 15 Dominion Advancements. 3 Dominion Trade Agreements. Dominion Turn Summary Card. Dominion Command Console with 2-sliders. 19 Resource Nodes. 76 Tokens & 27 Space Lanes. 5 Dominion Infiltrator Figures. 8 Alliance Selection Cards. 50 Alliance Cards. 30 Resistance Cards.

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