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Roll For It!: Red Edition

Roll For It!: Red Edition


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Roll for it! is everything you want in a game. It's fun! It's easy! It's fast! And it has lots of dice with cards to boot! At its heart, Roll for it! is a resource management game that blends the luck of the die roll with a decision making process that will bring smiles and laughter to everyone at the table.

In Roll for it! players try to score 40 points by rolling dice and matching cards of specific point values. Each roll presents the player with new opportunities and fun decisions to make. The rules are simple - Roll'em, Match'em, Score'em! But look out! Other players may steal the card you're shooting for... So hurry, pick up the dice and Roll For it!

Game rules - English and Spanish
(German, French and Italian available online)
30 Roll For It! cards
24 dice (6 dice - 4 colors each)

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