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Red Dragon Inn - #2 (stand alone and expansion)

Red Dragon Inn - #2 (stand alone and expansion)


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"Red Dragon Inn 2" by Slugfest Games offers an engaging standalone and expansion gameplay experience that extends the rollicking adventure of the original Red Dragon Inn. After a long day of battling through dungeons, you and your companions are back in town, ready to party at The Red Dragon Inn. Drink, gamble, and roughhouse with your friends—but beware! Keeping an eye on your gold is crucial because running out means a night in the stables. And remember, getting too beaten up or drunk could lead to your comrades looting your body for gold once you've passed out. The last conscious adventurer with gold wins!

Step into the boots of heroic fantasy adventurers like Eve, Fleck, Dimli, or Gog, and navigate a night of wild entertainment. "Red Dragon Inn 2" can also be combined with the original "Red Dragon Inn" game to accommodate up to 8 players, making it perfect for larger gatherings. Explore this thrilling game at Boarding School Games, where fun meets strategic gameplay.

Key features include:
- Four unique 40-card player decks for individual characters
- A 30-card Drink deck to simulate the inn's lively atmosphere
- Player templates and markers for Fortitude and Alcohol Content
- 50 Gold Coin tokens to manage your treasure
- Comprehensive rulebook for easy learning and reference
- Playable as a standalone game or expansion to accommodate more players

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