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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid - Light and Darkness

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid - Light and Darkness


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Sometimes your greatest foe is yourself. Everyone holds the potential for both great good and great evil! When it comes to the Power Rangers, nowhere is that more evident than with these powerful forces of light and darkness.

Jarrod, Heckyl, Leanbow, Merrick Baliton, and Tyzonn are all included here, alongside their more sinister counterparts: Dai Shi, Snide, Koragg, Zen-Aku, and Cursed Tyzonn. Who will triumph in this epic clash of wills and warriors?

This expansion also introduces a new type of foot soldiers, Dai Shi's loyal Rinshi minions, as well as their elite Rinshi Beast forms.

This is an expansion. Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid is required to play.

5 Ranger Figures
5 Character Cards
50 Combat Cards
7 Zord Cards
2 Megazord Cards
8 Foot soldier Figures
4 Elite Foot Soldier Figures
3 Monster Figures
1 Nemesis Figure
1 Boss Figure
58 Enemy Cards
15 Deployment Cards
3 Location Boards
1 Megazord Token

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