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Plastic Figure Display Box - Small

Plastic Figure Display Box - Small


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The "CHX02801 Plastic Figure Display Box Small" by Chessex Dice is the ideal showcase solution for your treasured miniatures. Available at Boarding School Games, this compact display box is perfectly sized to highlight individual figures, ensuring your prized possessions get the attention they deserve. With dimensions of 1 inch by 1 inch by 2 inches, it offers a snug fit that protects and displays your miniatures with clarity.

Whether you're a collector looking to showcase your rare finds or a gamer wanting to display your favorite pieces, this display box combines durability with a clear view, ensuring your miniatures are both safe and prominently displayed. Its small footprint makes it easy to fit into any collection display or gaming setup, providing a professional and organized look.

- Ideal for single miniature display
- Dimensions: 1in x 1in x 2in
- Perfect for collectors and gamers
- Clear and durable protection

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