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"Parks" is a game where players embark on a scenic adventure as two hikers exploring various trails over the four seasons of a year. As you traverse these beautifully illustrated paths, your objective is to collect memories, represented by unique resource tokens from the sites you visit. These memories are crucial as they allow you to visit breathtaking National Parks and capture these moments with photos, adding a visual splendor to your journey.

Throughout the game, you'll also have the opportunity to purchase gear and acquire canteens, enhancing your hikers' efficiency on the trails. Each decision you make plays a strategic role in your quest to gather the most impressive collection of Park cards and snapshots by year's end. The player with the best combination of parks and photos will emerge victorious, celebrating the rich experiences of nature's wonders.

Experience the beauty and challenge of nature with "Parks" available at Boarding School Games. This game not only promotes strategic thinking but also a deep appreciation for the natural landscapes that inspire all who wander through.

Key Features:
- Engaging gameplay that combines strategy with a thematic exploration of nature.
- Beautifully illustrated components and memorable resource tokens.
- Dynamic game mechanics with gear and canteens to enhance your hiking abilities.
- Collectible Park cards and photo opportunities enrich the gaming experience.
- Ideal for players looking for a mix of strategy and visual delight in a board game.

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