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Onitama offers a distilled essence of strategy, encapsulating a blend of simplicity and depth that beckons both casual gamers and seasoned strategists. This two-player, perfect information abstract game unfolds on a 5x5 board, where each player commands a quintet of pawns, including a paramount main pawn positioned centrally.

The heart of Onitama's intrigue lies in its dynamic movement mechanics, governed by a set of five cards. Each player begins with two unique cards, revealing potential moves that any of their pieces can execute. A pivotal fifth card lies in wait, a dormant power neither player can wield initially. The dance of strategy intensifies as players alternate turns, selecting a card to dictate their piece's maneuver before exchanging this card with the neutral fifth, perpetually altering the pool of available actions. This elegant exchange not only propels the game forward but also weaves a tapestry of anticipation and adaptation, as players must not only plan their own moves but predict their opponent's.

Victory is as straightforward as it is challenging to achieve. One can emerge triumphant either by outmaneuvering the opponent to capture their main pawn or by boldly advancing their main pawn into the adversary's stronghold.

Perfect for ages 8 and up and with a brisk playtime of around 10 minutes, Onitama promises a rapid yet riveting mental duel. This game doesn't just entertain; it distills centuries of abstract strategic thought into moments filled with tension and triumph.

Embark on this captivating journey of minds with Onitama, now available at Boarding School Games, where wisdom and cunning converge in a dance of strategic prowess.

Key features include:
- 2-player, perfect information game for a transparent and strategic experience.
- Quick and engaging 10-minute playtime, ideal for short but intense sessions.
- Unique card exchange mechanic that keeps the gameplay dynamic and unpredictable.
- Compact 5x5 board for easy setup and portability.
- Suitable for players aged 8+, making it accessible for families and younger players.

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