Mystic Vale - Conclave Collector Box


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Mystic Vale - Conclave Collector Box

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As the struggle to restore the Valley of Life intensifies, the ranks of those combating the curse continue to swell. Druidic clans from across the land heed the call, including the Frostcaster and Nightvale clan. Providing the ideal storage solution designed to hold all of the previous releases with room to spare for future expansions, Mystic Vale: Conclave introduces the new Equinox mechanic, which allows players to greatly speed up gameplay and can even scale up to 6-player games with the two additional starter decks provided. The new Conclaves grant players the option to customize the starting decks with advancements and vales, while unique Totem cards imbue players with awesome abilities and Spirit counters provide a way for players to track their spirit symbols during their turn.

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