Murder Mystery Party: Case Files - Killer Startup

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Murder Mystery Party: Case Files - Killer Startup

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Killer Startup is a Murder Mystery Party Case File where players work to solve a murder using the case file and evidence provided. Startup founder Dan Killian has been murdered. He fell 12 stories to his death, from the building where he had started his first company. As a Detective First Class and a new hire with the Seattle police department, you have been assigned to work in the Killer Startup case. Who did it? His Twin Brother? His office Mistress? A jealous VC with a criminal history? In this case file is all the evidence to help prove who committed the murder.

Murder Mystery Party Case Files are packed with physical and digital evidence, which puts the player in the detective's shoes. Players think like a detective and work alone or with others to determine the motive, means, and opportunity of each suspect to solve the case. With over 50 pieces of evidence, this case file is sure to get your detective juices flowing.

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