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Monsterpocalypse - Zor-Maxim

Monsterpocalypse - Zor-Maxim


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The Shadow Sun Syndicate’s biomorphic and cybernetic nanotechnology is nowhere better represented than with Zor-Maxim, one of the leaders of the zors. These highly skilled and augmented humans wear high-tech armored suits capable of morphing their wearers almost instantly into gigantic fighters employing a destructive combination of martial arts and energy weapons. Despite his augmented size, Zor-Maxim displays acrobatic finesse as he evades his enemies and closes in for the kill, then teleports away in a flash of light to pursue the next enigmatic goal of the Syndicate.

This box contains a Shadow Sun Syndicate monster to expand your Protectors force. Zor-Maxim is a fast monster that excels at power attacks, throwing other monsters across the city with ease. He can teleport units from his force into advantageous positions both to guard himself or to threaten others. When he goes hyper, he becomes capable of unleashing multiple blasts of energy at his foes while getting the most out of his action dice.

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