Monsterpocalypse - Necroscourge: Hexchantress & Void Maulers

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Monsterpocalypse - Necroscourge: Hexchantress & Void Maulers

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Void maulers are repurposed Triton crustaceans first assimilated to the Swarm Hive in the battle to enslave Karkinos. Their hollow carapace is filled with spare nanites that can shield and reinforce the swarms around them. Since amalgamation, they have become larger extensions of the nanites themselves, passing through the Nexus freely to infest the interstellar tides. The hexchantress is a lieutenants of the Necroscourge. Gigantic and mortifying to behold, these witches pass through the Necroscourge Nexus directly from the Swarm Hive. They use their dark energy to spurn on allies, and they possess a near magical ability to sense their prey no matter where they may be concealed.

The Hexchantress is a unit with a focus on support and ranged damage that can join any Destroyers force. The Hexchantress can use her Heightened Senses to see through an enemy’s defense. Her Blitz ability helps deliver her allies to the heart of the opponent’s forces. By comparison, the Void Mauler is a unit with a focus on Defense as well as Offense that can join also any Destroyers force. The Void Maulers are Symbionts with the Nanites that fill their bodies. They will Hunker down against enemy attacks, then retaliate with a massive Cleave from their gigantic claws.

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