Monsterpocalypse - First Guardians: Hummingbird Spirits & Temple Giant

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Monsterpocalypse - First Guardians: Hummingbird Spirits & Temple Giant

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Easily mistaken for statues, the Temple Giants are an ancient discipline of warrior priests tasked with guarding the World Clock. When it comes time to fight, they encase themselves in massive suits of gemstone armor capable of withstanding just about anything. Legend says that Hummingbird Spirits are the souls of slain pure hearts saved from passing on to the underworld. Warriors on the edge of death say they can see these hummingbird spirits and smell the scent of nearby flowers.

Judge, jury, and executioners, the Temple Giants are a Quorum unto themselves. Additionally, their Thick-Skinned armor allows them to pass through the most hazardous environments unscathed. Hummingbird Spirits exist half in the real world and half in the spirit world, and because of their nature, they can cause a Disruption for enemies on the battlefield as they are able to Transpose friend and foe.

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