Monsterpocalypse - Destroyers: Belcher, Dire Ant & LTA Fighter

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Privateer Press - PIP51184

Monsterpocalypse - Destroyers: Belcher, Dire Ant & LTA Fighter

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The mere presence of elite Belchers is enough to terrify any mortal into paralysis. These giant slugs can spew their bile with horrifying accuracy. The LTA Fighters are the cruel masters of the sky, commanding their squadrons into becoming efficient killing machines. And elite Dire Ants are favorites of the queen because their powerful mandibles can cut a tank in half with one bite.

This Elite pack is a mix of commander units that can join any Destroyers force. The Elite Belcher is able to use its powerful blast of acid to erode away any enemy it faces. LTA Fighters can spread their commander aura to other nearby LTA gunships, boosting the accuracy of their guns. And Elite Dire Ants take their Team Tactics to the next level as they further boost the efficiency of other Dire Ants close at hand.

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