Middle-Earth: Strategy Battle Game - Gondor Commanders

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Middle-Earth: Strategy Battle Game - Gondor Commanders

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Minas Tirith's armies are the greatest of all the realms of Men - disciplined, superbly equipped and led by veterans of the wars with Harad and Mordor. Each warrior in Minas Tirith's army is trained to wield a variety of weapons, from the humble sword or bow, to the deadly knight's lance. It is these courageous warriors who defend the walls of the White City against the legions of Mordor, and protect her lands from the threat of invasion. Amongst these men are the Captains and heralds of Gondor, who have fought for many years against the Dark Lord Sauron, and who now lead the armies of Minas Tirith into battle, inspiring their men to fight to the very last.

This boxed set contains a set of Gondor Commanders. These models are resin cast miniatures, including a Captain of Minas Tirith, a Warrior with war horn, a banner bearer, and a Knight of the White Tower. They are supplied as 7 separate components, and come with 4 25mm round bases.

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