Marvel HeroClix - Eternals Movie Gravity Feed Display

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Marvel HeroClix - Eternals Movie Gravity Feed Display

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Count down to the release of Marvel`s The Eternals movie or play out the conflict from the big screen on the tabletop with the Marvel HeroClix: The Eternals Movie Countertop Display! Featuring an array of figures and 23 unique dials from Marvel`s The Eternals movie! This 24-count Countertop Display features the 10 Eternals and their enemies from the big screen, the Deviants! The Eternals are ancient aliens who have been living on Earth for thousands of years and are reuniting to become the newest team in the MCU! With an impulse-friendly price point, single-figure foil packs are a great purchase for new or experienced players! More than 20 different dials to collect including:11 Commons, 10 Rares, 2 Chases

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