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Mage Noir

Mage Noir


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Mage Noir is a whole new take on dueling strategy card games. Harness the might of the elements and become a Mage Noir, one of the most powerful beings to ever exist.

Thanks to its fresh mechanics packaged in simple rules, Mage Noir is the perfect game to discover the thrill of outwitting your opponent with your magical abilities.

With the unique shared Mana pool system, unveil a simple-to-use yet deeply strategic system that will reward smart planning and bold decisions. And with the spell crafting system, experience highly customizable gameplay. Choose from one of the 4 pre-constructed decks to start right away, or build your own deck to elaborate on the smartest strategy.

With hours of deckbuilding, Mage Noir is a game that is easy to learn and rewarding to master.

Will you be the next Mage Noir?

Ages 14+
2 players
15-30 minute play time

204 Spell Cards
144 Mana Cards
80 Tokens
2 Twenty-sided Dice

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