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Little Town

Little Town


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In this highly tactical and interactive game, create the best combos to build the most effective and attractive piece of land and secure your victory!

When a new land full of resources is discovered, the air in the village is full of competition: the new architects will have four days to build the most functional buildings in the new city!

In each round, give strategic orders to your workers:
either send them build new architectures, or make them harvest new resources (such as wheal, fish, wood or rock), which you will need for your constructions… but also to feed your workers after each day, if you want to avoid a serious penalty!

But be careful: if your workers need resources on areas owned by opponents on the board, you will have to pay them too!

To reach your goals, it will be crucial to decide which placement is the best for each worker and each building, to make the best out of the natural resources provided by the various areas.

2-4 players
Ages 10+
45 minute play time

29 Building tiles
15 Objective tiles
“Active player” token
24 Worker pawns
28 House pawns
60 Resource cubes
24 “Gold Coin” tokens
60 Victory Points tokens
Hammer token

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