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Letter Jam

Letter Jam


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"Letter Jam" is a delightful cooperative word game designed for 2 to 6 players who work together to decipher hidden words from letters displayed around the table. Each player starts with a set of letter cards that are placed face down. These cards can be organized into a meaningful word, which sets the stage for the game's unique twist: each player can see everyone's letter except their own.

The game utilizes a clever setup where players can use a specialized card scanning app or choose words for each other. As gameplay progresses, each player places a letter card in a stand facing away from them, beginning a series of turns where participants must strategize together. Players propose potential words by indicating the length of the word they can form using visible letters. The player who suggests the longest word becomes the clue giver for that round, orchestrating the group's guesses by placing numbered tokens in front of each player to spell out the word indirectly.

Using a wildcard adds complexity, as it represents any letter but remains undisclosed. Players who receive numbered tokens must deduce their hidden letters and confirm their guesses by placing cards face down, ready to reveal the next letter in sequence. The game culminates in all players attempting to arrange their discovered letters into a final word, revealing them simultaneously to gauge the group’s collective success.

Offered at Boarding School Games, "Letter Jam" is more than just a word game; it's a test of cooperation, logic, and linguistic skill, making it perfect for family game nights and social gatherings with friends who love a cerebral challenge.

Key Features:
- Cooperative gameplay for 2-6 players, fostering team strategy and communication.
- Unique mechanic of seeing others' letters but not your own, enhancing the puzzle-solving experience.
- Inclusion of a special app for setting up or manual selection by players, providing flexibility in game preparation.
- Suitable for ages 8 and up, making it accessible to families and casual gamers.
- Average playtime of 30-60 minutes, ideal for engaging play sessions without overextending.

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