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"Ironwood" is a rules-light, highly asymmetric, card-driven tactical game for 1-2 players, where an eternal conflict rages between two factions: the stalwart Ironclad and the ferocious Woodwalkers. These factions battle for control over the land of Ironwood and its greatest treasure, the Larimor Crystals, a mysterious substance holding immense energy found within the colossal mountains and dense forests.

The Ironclad, settlers of the iron mountains, extract the essence of the crystals to fuel their machines and mechanical inventions. If they succeed, their giant forges will swarm the land with endless armies, establishing ultimate dominance over Ironwood. Meanwhile, the Woodwalkers, swift shadows of the forests, use the crystals' raw magical power to discover and retrieve three ancient totems from secret ritual sites. Once combined, these totems will summon the Guardian, an ancient protector who will wipe out the Ironclad once and for all.

Each round, players alternate playing a total of three faction-specific cards for their action effects, which include positioning warbands, initiating combat, extracting crystals, and more. Combat uses the same cards for their combat values, with players making simultaneous bids to gain combat bonuses and augment the Dominance value of their warbands.

The two factions are completely asymmetric in their play styles, decks, victory conditions, and even the parts of the map they can access. As the Commander of the Ironclad, your goal is to lay down the foundations of your forges in the outer mountains and build forges once enough crystals are collected. As the Chieftain of the Woodwalkers, you must locate ancient totems through Vision cards, defeat Ironclad warbands, and secure the totems in the outer forests. The game ends when the third totem is retrieved or the third Forge is built, with the respective faction claiming victory.

"Ironwood" also features a low-upkeep solo mode against either the Ironclad or the Woodwalkers, each with unique aspects and features true to their faction.

Available now at Boarding School Games, "Ironwood" challenges you to choose your faction, strategize your moves, and dominate the land in this dynamic and competitive game.

Key Features:
- Highly asymmetric gameplay with unique factions and play styles.
- Card-driven mechanics for both actions and combat.
- Strategic positioning and resource management.
- Low-upkeep solo mode with faction-specific features.
- Available at Boarding School Games.

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