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Icons of the Realms - Hobgoblin Warband

Icons of the Realms - Hobgoblin Warband

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"Icons of the Realms - Hobgoblin Warband" by WizKids elevates your Dungeons & Dragons campaigns with a meticulously designed set of six Hobgoblin miniatures. Presented by Boarding School Games, this set is part of the Monster Warbands series, specifically crafted to enrich your tabletop experience with high-quality, pre-painted figures. Ideal for Dungeon Masters, this collection allows for the swift creation of Hobgoblin armies, ensuring your gaming sessions remain thrilling and dynamic. The non-blind packaging facilitates easy assembly of a formidable Hobgoblin force, ready to challenge adventurers at every turn. This set includes a range of Hobgoblin characters, from the formidable Warlord to the elusive Iron Shadow, each designed to bring the world's most influential fantasy roleplaying game vividly to life on your tabletop. Available at Boarding School Games, this Warband is perfect for expanding your D&D encounters.

- Set of 6 pre-painted Hobgoblin miniatures
- Non-blind packaging for easy collection
- Includes diverse Hobgoblin characters for dynamic encounters
- Ideal for enhancing tabletop D&D gameplay

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