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Icons of the Realms - Epic Level Starter Set

Icons of the Realms - Epic Level Starter Set

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Embark on a legendary journey with the "Icons of the Realms - Epic Level Starter Set," offered by Boarding School Games, designed to elevate your Dungeons & Dragons gameplay. This set introduces a collection of epic level starter miniatures, allowing you to traverse the vast and mystical Forgotten Realms. Each figure is crafted to inspire adventures through uncharted territories, intense battles with formidable monsters, alliances with iconic characters of the realms, and epic confrontations with majestic dragons.

This meticulously detailed set serves as the perfect companion to your Dungeons and Dragons books, providing tangible figures to represent the heroes and adversaries within your narrative. Whether you're guiding seasoned adventurers or newcomers to the realm of D&D, these miniatures add depth and immersion to your storytelling, making every encounter more vivid and memorable. Available at Boarding School Games, the Epic Level Starter Set is an essential addition for anyone looking to bring their D&D game and miniature collection to life.

- Set of epic level starter miniatures for D&D
- Ideal for exploring the Forgotten Realms
- Enhances narrative immersion and tabletop gameplay
- Companion to Dungeons and Dragons books

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