Icons of the Realms - Dragonlance Warriors

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Icons of the Realms - Dragonlance Warriors

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Experience the thrill of Dragonlance adventures with our "Icons of the Realms: Dragonlance - Warrior Set." This product, brought to you by WizKids, is a blister pack containing six unique miniatures that are perfect for bringing your next Dragonlance adventure to life. But that's not all! These figures are also fully compatible with the Warriors of Krynn board game. You'll get to see your heroes participate in large-scale military battles, adding another layer of excitement to your game. This set includes the following characters: Iriad of the Kagonesti, Tem Temble, Levna Drakehorn (a Solamnic Knight), Hrigg Roundrook, Andir Valmakos, and Ayik Ur. Don't miss this chance to enhance your gaming experience with these intricately designed miniatures?

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